Choose from the LIP-8004D basic lobby phone to the LIP-8050V Premium phone with a selection of Direct Station Selection Consoles (DDS) tailored for your business needs. 
Simple one button operations and user friendly features such as navigation and soft menu keys. 
Built in hands free speaker phone on most models, with full duplex HD quality through our advanced VOIP technology. 
Terminals connected anywhere there is a LAN connection 
Separate power connection not required 
Web-based remote administration. One year warranty (link to support and maintenance page) per product 

LIP-7000 SERIES Fully integrated IP keysets 

Differentiated models at their own strength to meet our customer demands and needs. 
Holds a single Voice and data Network. Plug and play installation saves on PC cost and increases productivity. 
Remote IP phone installation is the perfect solution for your home office networking. 
Connection is easy through ADSL at home, works as a system extension. 
8 IP Phones can make calls can be made simultaneously (Including WIFI terminals and softphone) 
Holds a maximum of 28 IP Phones that can be registered per system with a maximum of 32 extension capacity. 

LIP-8000E SERIES Flexible and User-friendly IP Phone iPECS LIP-8000E 

Series designed to best fit your business needs. 
User friendly and easy to use phones to enrich your communication needs. 
Choose from 7 types, Entry level – professional business terminals. 
Delivers the full features of rich call over the IPECS platforms 
Minimising on power consumption of up to 30% compared to previous models 

LIP 8050V Premium desktop IP Phone with video 

Best for remote workers, Managers, Executives 
Peer to peer video communication 
Video communication with, phonate UCS 
Local media play (MP3, 3GP from USB) 
Informative large full colour display 

LIP 8040L IP Phone for Executives 

Best for Executive, Knowledge workers 
Informative large LCD display, 
LCD feature key labelling, 
User programmable 10 feature keys with LCD underlay 

LIP 8024D IP phone for professional call handling position 

Best for Managers, Receptionist, Assistant 
User programmable 24 feature keys 
Bluetooth headset option 
Optional DSS connection for extend feature Line appearances 

LIP 8012D Everyday use standard IP Phone 

Best for most office workers & home office workers 
Standard featured IP phone, 4way navigation key 
User programmable 12 feature keys 
Content sensitive soft keys 

LIP 8008D Standard IP Phone with affordable price 

Best for most office workers & Home office workers 
Standard featured IP phone, 4way navigation key 
User programmable 12 feature keys 
Context sensitive soft keys 

LIP 8004D Most affordable entry level IP telephone 

Best for reception lobbies, meeting areas, Manufacturing and retail floors 
Affordable large deployments 
Simple to use with fixed feature keys 
User programmable 4 feature keys, 802.3af POE standard 

IPECS WIT-400H Full Feature system wireless IP phone 

Best for Road warrior, Home office, Field worker, Warehouse manager 
On the road mobility  
Leveraging single infrastructure 
Plug & play installation 
2" TFT colour LCD 
802.11b/g compatible 
Web browser for public hot spot log in PTT 
Standby time 60hrs 
Talk time 3hrs 

IPECS GDC-400H/450H New system integrated DECT solution 

User friendly interface 
Easy to use navigation key 
Content sensitive soft keys 
1.5" full colour LCD 
Multi language support 
English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish 
Vibrator & Ring melody 
Backlit LCD and Keypad 
Standby 120hrs / Talking 15hours 
2.5mm ear mike jack 
Snap in belt clip (Optional) 
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